Friday, July 2, 2010

22 week update!

Here's my 22 Week Update! Brought to you slightly later in the day than usual because I've been hella busy getting ready to go on vacation tomorrow and doing errands! now i'm "recovering" because apparently normal errands are exhausting at this point so i figured i'd update you all on the progress! Hooray1

ANYWAY here we go! 22 Weeks! Party it up!

This week the baby is the size of....

Picture 8

...a papaya! (don't worry, i had no idea wtf that was either when i first saw it). Meanwhile, my source for weekly baby-to-produce-comparisons has flaked out on me and is from now on doing a MONTHLY comparison. NO BUENO PRODUCE WEBSITE. So i've diligently found another source for this crucial element to our weekly updates. According to the new site, this week the baby is the size of a...

Picture 9
spaghetti squash! Weird but i'll take it.

So from now on we'll be using that site until my months change...which is another confusing game all on it's own (if pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks but is 9 months long, how many months pregnant am I at 22 weeks? i don't freakin' know. I found a chart:

Picture 9
which tells me that i'm now in my six month which i guess means i'm officially 5 months pregnant and working on my 6th month. So we'll just say i'm 5 months. Works for me.


What's the baby doing?

The baby's hands are growing and the nerve endings in his fingertips are working so now he can touch things and feel things! He's testing this new development by touching his face, grabbing his umbilical cord and other cool stuff! (hitting mommy in the stomach :) hehe)

here's the creepy cartoon monkey baby photo for this week:

Picture 5

oh oh and THIS is cool: the baby's hair is WHITE. No matter what color hair he'll have, all babies have white hair at this point because they are lacking pigment! WOW! His irises are also lacking in pigment too but his eyelids are still shut in there so we don't know what that looks like (which is kinda good cause that sorta freaks me out...does he have white eyes? whoa!).

the baby can now have visible reactions to things that are for example, since he has tastebuds AND facial muscles now, he can make facial expressions at the things i eat! so if he doesn't like broccoli he can grimace when i eat it lol isn't that cute??

oh and he weighs almost a pound now! That's amazing!

Picture 7
(check out the WHITE eyebrows!)

The baby's brain has started to rapidly grow now. It will continue to grow at this rapid pace until he is FIVE YEARS OLD! He's a genius already!

his organs are also doing cool thing and creating blood cells (fetal bloodcells have a shorter lifespan than adult bloodcells so he's making a lot in there) and his pancreas is creating lots of important hormones. He's getting stuff done!

In the next few weeks he's going to grow a few more inches and gain some more weight!

as for me, my uterus is now supposed to be 2 centimeters above my belly button. I should look and feel pregnant (duh). It should still be pretty easy for me to bend over and sit comfortably (it is thank god) and I have a big increase in blood flow right now...specifically in the plasma (the liquid part) which makes it easier for me to get a positive test for anemia because there's more liquid yet the same amount of iron (does that make sense?). My breathing might start to bother me (GOD is that one true) because everything is getting squished (seriously guys i like cannot breathe, it is really disturbing...i just can't take deep breaths!)

so yea there we go

here's my

Weekly Survey

What symptoms are you experiencing? difficulty breathing. total exhaustion.

How are you feeling? i feel good, a little stressed when i can't breathe but otherwise good. I spend time talking to the baby each day and he hopefully likes that. He hasn't been kicking as much recently which of course makes me nervous but They say that's normal at this stage so hopefully that's true.

Anything big happening in your personal life? We are going on vacation tomorrow!! Down the shore for a week! YAY!

Any food cravings? Sweets. It's bad, i know. I've been trying not to indulge in this though and have decided to combat it by getting bags of gumballs and eating gumballs when i'm craving something sweet. gumballs are much healthier for me and baby than bags of cookies lol (and there's no aspartame in gumballs, the ONLY GUM left on earth without aspartame in it! score!) so yea that's what i've been doing lol

okay let's do some comparison photos because I am so huge compared to the beginning!

Photo 83
here i am at 5 weeks. sigh! lol

and here's today at 22 weeks (only 17 weeks later):

Photo 405
wow lol big difference

Photo 409
please notice my blue nailpolish for the baby!

Photo 397
yay Zoey got in on the photoshoot today too lol :)

so HOORAY! that was a good one, right? lol

22 weeks! cannot believe it! Now i'm DEFINITELY crossed over the halfway point (the longest he can stay in there is 42 weeks) so we're definitely at 20 weeks or less until my little man is here in my arms!

so weird and so amazing at the same time lol

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Veronica Padilla said...

I had no idea they had white hair at that stage! Lol creepy but cool. Loved the blog! Thanx!