Friday, August 27, 2010

30 Week Update!

Sorry I've been not updating you guys weekly! i'm back though and this one is exciting because it's 30 weeks!

oh my gosh, can you believe it? I'm 30 weeks pregnant!! eeeeep! I'm SO EXCITED about this!

this week the baby is the size of....

Picture 1

...a cabbage. Though the website specifies that his weight is the same as the cabbage, not sure about his length (well, i know he's longer than a cabbage). edit lol oh my god one site just told me he's about the weight and length of Britney Spears' Yorkie hahaha here:

Picture 6
hahaha this is the picture they showed me on the site

Anyway, that means that about now he weighs around 3 pounds! and he's about 15 and 3/4 inches long! whoa!

He's swimming around in about a pint and a half of amniotic fluid (is it bad that i just visualized that by thinking of glasses of beer in the bar?) but that amount of fluid will reduce as the space in there also diminishes.

He's working on his eyesight still buuuut he won't really even be able to see that great even after he's born. Eyesight is one of those things that you have to use in order to have it really work well. His vision when he's born will be about 20/400 (perfect adult vision, as you know, is 20/20 so at first he will only see things that are really super close up to him or high contrast in color (that's why a lot of new baby toys are black and white))

here's the monkey baby who has actually gotten kinda cute in the past few weeks:

Picture 2
that's what he looks like in there! what a difference from what he looked like at 20 weeks:
Picture 5
(20 weeks...i think this is the week we started calling it the monkey baby)

and WHOA an even BIGGER difference than what he looked like at TEN weeks:

Picture 7
10 weeks! alien baby!

pardon me for a moment while i marvel at the absolute amazingness that this baby went through in only 20 weeks. Like, really, wow. He was an alien and now he's like a real little person in there! that's SO freaking amazing, right??

so anyway, more about what he's up to...

his brain is starting to wrinkle and grow and get bigger (because he's so smart!) and his fingernails and toenails are done finally as well. This actually kinda freaks me out lol, can he scratch me from the inside now? is he gonna like claw his way out of there?

He hasn't really gained a lot of weight or grown a lot this week because most of his energy has been devoted to making his brain grow more this week. After this though the weight and things will come on :)

Picture 3
looks kinda cramped in there

When he's awake now he spends all of his time with his eyes open and looking around! this is SO cool to me. He's awake right now so i know his eyes are open! i wish i could see him :)

he's gonna shed the lanugo now (fine hair covering his body) because he is gaining weight and his body is able to regulate temperature on it's own at this point (at least to some degree (lol get it? degree!?)).

here's what it looks like in there:

Picture 4
that's really impressive. He's really big! i'm kinda freaked out lol

so there we go! that's everything! my baby is getting smarter and looking around more and clawing me with his little nails and he's about the size of a very small dog hahaha hooray!

as for me, one site told me i should try to avoid dangerous falls. Obv. lol. I'm apparently doing nothing now but getting bigger and bigger which is also obv and it is suggested that i roll onto my side before trying to get up from a laying down position because i won't be able to. The other day i tried to do this and i couldn't. I said in despair "I'm like a weeble wobble" and Ryan kindly corrected me and said, "actually, you're not because you fell down." hahaha thanks, Ry. xoxo

Okay so yay! Baby! 30 weeks! He'll be here SO SOON!

here are pictures of me now:

Photo 562
the color balance was all kinds of off on my webcam for these, not sure why

Photo 553
and there we go, finally my face exists again lol (it's weird having headless photos)

YAY 30 weeks! only 7 - 11 more weeks until he is here! (i won't be going past 41 weeks according to my doctor's office...which, honestly, i'm fine with)

i can't believe it! i made it to the 30s! yay!

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Aww so sad that this post has no comments!!! I think you're probably tired of my comments after like 65 in your inbox on Friday but just had to say I LOVE YOU and I hope your shower was amazing and fantastic and wonderful and many other happy adjectives too!!!! <3