Thursday, February 24, 2011

life: an update

life with Henry has been so wonderful recently. He's at a really fun age where he likes to play, he's awake a lot more now and we have big long conversations.

Every morning we wake up and he has a long conversation with the curtains in our bedroom.  It's adorable. He loves big kisses on his cheeks and tickles on his tummy. He talks and talks and talks to me all day long.

We're still going a little stir-crazy trapped in the house because the weather continues to be chilly. Hopefully soon the groundhog's promise will come true and winter will clear away and Spring will come back to us again. I could really go for some 50 degree weather so I can take long walks with Henry outside.

Today we walked laps in the mall several times, i wore him in my ergo and we walked and walked and walked just like I used to do at the end of my pregnancy with him when i was hoping to somehow cause my false labor to turn real. The walk today was far more enjoyable than those walks were.

I guess I just wanted to check in and talk about how much i love my baby and how great he is. He's really the best ever and every day we have an amazing time together. I love being his mommy.

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