Wednesday, March 28, 2012

changes are a-comin'

I'm pretty sure I'm going to overhaul this blog. I was considering just starting from scratch somewhere else but that's silly so I'm going to change this one up. I have a new name coming soon and hopefully more regularly scheduled content. We shall see.

Just a public service announcement lol


in other news, my child is a walking, talking, running, laughing, climbing, screaming, shouting, throwing, dancing, singing, splashing, kicking, pointing, clapping, running little boy. He's definitely out of the baby stage and he's well on his way to kid-hood. He's basically awesome.

However all of this growing up that he's been doing has been bitter sweet. I miss a teeny-weeny little baybee to hold and snuggle and shush and rock and pop into the carrier or swing. He is so sweet and wonderful and cute and perfect the way he is but I do miss the teeny tiny littleness of babyville.

It's okay though because this toddler thing kinda rocks. He goes for walks, he holds my hand, he points when he hears an airplane. The other day at the park he made me hold him next to a fence so he could look at a construction truck for THIRTY MINUTES. He's really THAT into things like trucks and cars and tractors and planes. He's so cool. Such a boy. MY boy.

I love him. And he's the best.

That's all for now.

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