Tuesday, December 18, 2012

just random rambling plus an awesome hot chocolate recipe

I am sitting next to Henry while he watches The Polar Express for the billionth time this week. He is obsessed. I guess it must be the train that has lured him in because I can't see the appeal in any other aspect of this movie. Truly, if you haven't seen it in a while let me tell you, it really is a creepy world they've created in this storyline: a cranky conductor, plummeting falls, a fairly frightening train hitch-hiker who vanishes constantly, creepy toys yelling at you in the dark, elves with horrible new york accents. These kids aren't even allowed to wait for their Hot Chocolate to cool down before they drink it. A scalding tongue isn't really my idea of fun but hey, the hot chocolate does look pretty delicious.

Sidenote: i have managed to make a fairly delicious hot chocolate to serve during this movie. Recipe as follows:

- Ghiradelli Cocoa mix (use however much they tell you to on the canister for hot chocolate, i think it';s two tablespoons)
- boil almond milk on the stove (original or vanilla, i like it better with original)
- add sugar after you've poured the hot almond milk over your cocoa powder (i use sugar in the raw, use however much it tells you to on the canister (don't you love how specific i'm being? i think it's 1.5 teaspoons)
- and if you wanna get REALLY wild throw some chocolate chips in there too. Seriously, that makes a delicious difference. (this is not a health treat).

However in my world, feel free to let it get to whatever temperature you need in order to enjoy it.

Christmas is coming just around the corner and honestly, I can't wait. This is, of course, assuming we all live past The End of the World on Friday.  This year finances are especially tight for us and I didn't even have the extra cash to send out Christmas Cards which makes me feel sorta bad but it did take a lot of stress off of me. There are few things I despise less than addressing mail. Seriously. That plus going to the post office is the worst ever.

Tomorrow is Henry's Secret Santa holiday party with his playgroup. I think it will be so cute to see them all together exchanging gifts and making ornaments. I love Christmastime.

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