Saturday, January 29, 2011

Henry Update!

So it's been a while since I've written an update about my beautiful son. I will share the latest update here:

Age: 11 weeks 4 days
Weight: he's a big boy! He's about 17 pounds now lol
Length: not sure specifically but he's in 6-9 month clothes. i would guess he's about 26 inches long
Eye color: i'm pretty positive they're transitioning right now. they are blue/grey/green at the moment. i'm really interested to see what color they turn out to be!
Hair: lots and lots of straight brown hair
Sleep: doing great, he goes to bed around 10:30 or so, sleeps until almost 5:00AM, eats and goes back to sleep until 7:15ish when Daddy leaves and then he eats again and sleeps in bed with me until about 8:15 or so (9:00 if i'm REALLY lucky)
Food: om nom nom breastmilk

Henry Likes:
- his new high chair! he loves to sit up and talk to everyone
- his dog Scout that you can plug in to the computer and it says his name and everything! so cool
- laying on a blanket on the floor and playing with everyone
- having his feet out of his sleep sacks so he can kick
- mommy's boobies
- splashing in the bath with his hands
- when mommy sticks out her tongue and says "blah blah blah blah"

Henry Doesn't Like:
- getting dried with the hooded part of the towel
- anyone touching his head ever
- having his nails cleaned
- being put down while sleeping
- too much time underneath the play gym
- being stopped in the car for too long
- being too hot

. we set up Henry's high chair today and he loves chatting to us in it. So cute
. he smiles so much and is just sooo talkative
. he really, really holds his head up well now
. can roll halfway over!
. he's really aware and intelligent. he's very conversational and engaging
. he smiles and laughs and thinks about things
. he really pays attention to his dog toy that talks to him and sings and says his name

cute memories from this week:
- putting him in his high chair for the first time, he smiled and laughed and told me big stories
- i got out of the shower today and he was laying on his little bed i keep in there and i said, "hi!" and he said, "hi!" back at me LOL it was totally coincedental that the sound he made was exactly like the word "hi" but it was sooo funny!
- he smiles and talks to me while i do my makeup and hair
- sometimes he pops off the boob just to give me a big smile
- recently when he falls asleep he'll just let out this huge laugh in his sleep! it is SO CUTE
- he LOVES bath time so much, he grins at me and plays and just laughs and talks to me...twice early in the week he cried when he had to get out!
- he kicks his feet and waves his arms around when he plays on the floor, he gets so excited
- today he woke up in his swing and talked to the sheep on the mobile for several minutes! he was happy to see them
- in the morning he is so glad to see me :) he gives me the biggest smiles ever and i love it so much

he's wonderful and i love him soooo much

but anyway, here are some pictures from this week!:

just ate


being held by his Aunt Heather who he loves

snuggling on aunt Heather

quit taking my picture, mom!


this one's kinda crazy! he's looking right at the camera

i'm sure most of you saw this on's the dork onesie that Ryan's brother gave us for christmas lol

new high chair!


high chair = intense

this one cracks me up



so there we have it!


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