Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update time!

Wow it's been far too long since i've posted here. So much for making this my regular blog-space huh? I guess old habits die hard. I'm working on it though.

I'm gonna use this space to try and catch up on everything:



Henry has finally entered a phase where he allows me to put him down for longer stretches of time now. It's nice and it was definitely needed. He still is a momma's boy though which i love and he does spend a fair amount of time in my arms each day but now he is content to play on his own for a while and his swing has become his major nap area rather than in my lap like it was when he was in the first few weeks of life.


He's grown so much! Like, really, sooo much. He weighs about 14 pounds now and is almost 25 inches long. He's so big! He's 8 weeks old and will officially be two months old on Sunday the 9th.


He can do so many things: he coos and has conversations with me, he can hold his head up, he kicks and waves his arms around when he's excited. He smiles for real all the time and he's even starting to learn to like baths! it's so great having him, he's really an absolute joy in my life and i love him so, so much.


me and Ryan are doing great as parents. We have our routine together down, we are an effective team and it's great. We haven't gotten more than four hours of sleep straight since Henry has been born but we really help each other out taking turns with things and letting each other nap when there is an opportunity and a need.

Ryan has even figured out how to play xbox while watching Henry. That's not my favorite development so far but i think it's one of his.

We had our second wedding anniversary on New Years Eve and it was low key but wonderful. We were able to get out of the house together and see a movie and that was really fantastic for us.

Now we're looking into entering the next phase of our lives - we're starting the process of buying our own home.

We're just looking for a starter home right now but it will be great. Nothing too grandiose at this point, just something to last us a few years and still allow us to save money. We're really, really excited though and cannot wait to get moved in and settled!

okay the baby just woke up from his nap so i hafta go. Just wanted to try and do an update here since it's been so long.


Arizona Mom said...

Your little boy is adorable! I love those pictures. That's great that you guys are getting things down. It's definitely an adjustment with a first-time baby. :)

Congrats on looking to purchase your first home!!

Ashley's Green Life said...

Glad to hear all is going well Rhian! Your little guy is adorable! It seems like once they are born that they grow so fast! Already smiling and cooing... can't wait to expereince that with my baby girl! Good luck with house shopping!