Saturday, December 4, 2010

tubby time!

my baby hates the bath. hates it with a passion. He screams and wails the second that his little body touches the water. I feel so bad! He wails and looks at me with the saddest little expression on his face.

tonight i tried to bring him into the bath with me in the hopes that he would take to it more. It didn't work. He still screamed only this time he was up close and clinging to me like "why mommy??" it broke my heart!

i gave him to Ryan and wrapped him up in his Shark hood towel (thanks to Emma for getting that for us!) and dressed him but i still wish he didn't hate it so much. Poor little guy!

my mom assures me that eventually he'll come around and like the bath. I hope so! Until then, sponge baths it is :)


Emma said...

Sam HATED the bath forever and ever! See?

lol! I don't think he really liked the tub until he was like 6 months and old enough to splash around and play. Now I can't get him out of the tub every night - he LOVES it!

And YAY shark towel!!!!! <3

Arizona Mom said...

I'm looking for other mommies to follow and came across your blog through a mutual friend, so I just thought I'd comment and say hello! My daughter used to hate baths, too, when she was a newborn. After she got used to it she LOVED bathing and would always make the cutest expressions when we bathed her.