Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Four Weeks Old!

Henry is 4 weeks old today!! How has the time gone that fast? He already looks bigger than he did when he was born! i'm kinda sad!

henry smiling

here he is smiling in his sleepies today :)

here's what a baby can do at four weeks old:

- babies can lift their heads a little bit by now (Henry is like crazy and can totally lift his head a lot at this point)
- he starts to coo and make sounds
- he can recognize my voice which isn't new but he will start to turn and look for me when he hears me in a room


Henry's milestones are that he is talking to his toys, he is talking to me and Ryan sometimes (and by talking i obv mean cooing at), he smiles sometimes and i think they're real smiles...like i kept saying something about his little leggies to him last night and he smiled at me a bunch of times, it was soooo sweet!

He totally does this thing when you're holding him over your shoulder where he like flings himself to the side if he wants you to cradle him instead lol it's really funny.

he still makes the super contemplative face:

lol so cute

he's so cute

anyways! he's perfect and awesome and i'm obsessively in love with him :)

when he sleeps he makes SO much noise omg he talks in his sleep and grumbles and grunts and it's like the loudest roomate ever. My sister bought us this little sleepy thing that goes next to the bed and he was in it last night and kept me up half the night with his sleep grunting haha

so yay! i cannot believe he is four weeks old already - how has the time gone this fast?? Four weeks! my baby!

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