Saturday, April 2, 2011


Welcome to my first GIVEAWAY!!!! (*applause*)

Recently I was lucky enough to work with an amazing etsy seller: 

I found her when i ordered this photo album for Henry: 

(amazing right? You should totally go order one, only $35 and it's got a pillowed cover, amazing detail, satin ribbon and it's the perfect place to keep all those cute photos you've been snapping of your kid forever and meaning to print out! Click the photo - it takes you right to her shop!)


She and I have collaborated and come up with an amazing giveaway item. She's super talented and has a ton of cool items in her shop so we decided to go with one of her newer products:

An amazingly adorable PERSONALIZED Apron!!

seriously, the cuteness is killing me here. Look at those birds! Look at the font the name is written in!?

And it's totally customizable for your child! How perfect is that?? Seriously, this is great for a girl OR a boy - boys get dirty too as we all know hahaha and since it's customizable you can choose your colors/pattern!

So here's how to enter:

* Follow my blog: 1 entry
* Add me to your feed-reader: 1 entry
* Leave me a comment on any post: 1 entry per comment
* Comment here: 1 entry
* Promote this contest on twitter: 2 entries (TWO!)
* Promote this contest on facebook: 2 entries (TWO!)
* Link this on your own blog: 2 entries (TWO!) 

Once you've done any of these things, comment here and let me know (preferably with a link to your promotions) and I will keep track accordingly. 

This contest will run for ONE WEEK and will conclude on April 9th 2011 (Henry's 5 month birthday!) 

So get out there and get promoting and win yourself an ADORABLE customized apron for your son or daughter. Perfect for crafting, water play, cooking with mom and dad, painting and really any of the thousands of things kids do to get dirty lol!!! The winner can be from anywhere, MissSewNSews will be shipping directly to you.

I will choose a winner at random (using a random number generator) at 8:00 PM EST on April 9th 2011. 

YAY! Giveaways!!

Thanks to MissSewNSews!


Arizona Mom said...

I'm already following you and now I'm leaving a comment! ;)

Kelly said...

this is a great idea and it looks like she does beautiful work! here's my comment for my entry :) i'm not a mommy but i do know an adorable little girl who would love this!


check out my arthritis society fundraising page (click on my name)! please donate to a wonderful cause :)

Kevin said...

Henry's 5 month birthday is in a GREAT month.

Anonymous said...

* Follow my blog: 1 entry (DONE!)
* Add me to your feed-reader: 1 entry (DONE!)
* Leave me a comment on any post: 1 entry per comment (DONE!)
* Comment here: 1 entry (DONE!)

Lindsay said...

I looooove Miss Sew & Sews!

I follow your blog!
I'm commenting!


The How To Mommy said...

I love your blog! I just found it from the hop. I am excited about your first giveaway...I'm hoping to have my first one soon. By my count I get 5 entries... follow, comment, subscribe to feed reader, tweeted it ( x2. Thanks!!

DeDa Studios said...

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DeDa Studios said...

leaving a comment for the blog

Love You Always & Forever said...

I am following you!

Love You Always & Forever said...

Added you to my google feed reader!

Love You Always & Forever said...

I commented on your smiles are magic post!

Love You Always & Forever said...

Comment here: 1 entry DONE:) Hehe!
Fun giveaway BTW!

Love You Always & Forever said...

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Love You Always & Forever said...

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Sleppery said...

Newest follower from the Hop A Little Tuesday Blog Hop!
Come return the visit when you have the chance :)
The Sleppery Mind

Jule Ann said...

I follow your blog!

Jule Ann said...

You're in my feed reader!

Jule Ann said...

I shared this giveaway on Facebook!

Ashley said...

After all this time, I realized I had never clicked the "follow" button! I'm following you now...should have been a long time ago :o)

Ashley said...

And OMG I've been drooling over this Etsy site! She makes such beautiful things! I love the photo albums you and Lindsay have. SO cute!

(And five months already?! Geez, where has the time gone?!)

Emma said...

Pick me pick meeeeeee!!! Let's see:

1. I already follow you (does that count?)
2. You're already in my Google reader (does that count? lol)
3. Commenting hereeee!
4. Going to post it on Facebook RIGHT NOW! But I'm not a twitterer and despite all the nudging from my favorite bloggers I've yet to blog yet haha.