Friday, April 1, 2011

see you in Florida...?

Let's just ignore the fact that it's April Fool's Day. I'm so not into it. 

Let's move on to the fact that it is April and it is snowing. Yes, it really is. This would be bad enough if it was just a regular April 1st that was being plagued with snow. but it's not. and No i'm not referring to the fact that it's Opening Day. This is much more personal.


Because I was supposed to be in Florida this weekend with my friends (two of whom have great blogs you should check out: and 

Yes. Florida. Sunshiney, beautiful, WARM Florida. 

But where am I instead?

Sitting here in my drafty livingroom with icy cold feet having to sip tea to keep warm. 

Why am I not on a plane headed off into the sunny Floridian skies? Several reasons...the biggest of which is affectionately known as Husband Paranoia. 

Husband Paranoia is a real thing, it's probably in the process of becoming an official disease recognized by the AMA.  It's categorized by husbands having their own fear of something and then inflicting those fears onto their wives and family members.

So for example, my wonderful husband is tough and strong and not scared of anything. 

Except flying. 

(and whales)

(Yes, whales. But that's a different subject for a different post...)

But anyway, flying. He's afraid of paranoid about flying. It's mostly because flying is one of the only things in the world that he can't control and therefore it stresses him out. There are very few things that can be done in a flight-going-down situation and, well, that's not a good feeling for him (or for anyone). It's a reasonable fear, I understand it (and if I'm going to be 100% honest, I even share this fear with him; although I am willing to overlook my fear of flying when things like going to Florida come up and flying is the only reasonable way of getting there).

Generally my husband is supportive of anything and everything I want to do. But this time I was surprised to find that when i brought up the idea of me going to Florida for the weekend, he bristled at more than just the cost.

See, all of my friends who are going are bringing their babies (all little boys!) and i wanted to bring Henry, too of course! Not to mention that I really just can't responsibly leave Henry at home. He's basically attached to my boob on a regular basis as it is but he also needs me for comfort and nutrition and general peace of mind. He's still a little baby, afterall, he's not even five months old yet.

But when I mentioned this would be a trip for me and Henry, Ryan was adamantly against it.  He pulled out his veto and used it on this one.

Henry flying just sounds like way too much of a bad idea to Ryan. Not only would Ryan not be there with us but this is Flying. Flying! Flying, which is almost as bad as swimming with whales when it comes to things that freak Ryan out. He just wasn't okay with it, just couldn't wrap his head around it. Planes can crash, they have recirculated air, i'd be traveling alone with our son amongst any number of creepers along the way. Ryan's Daddy Radar went off and it went off loud and strong. 

And while I would truly LOVE to be on my way somewhere warm today, there's a little place in my heart that's warm because Ryan cares so much (corny, maybe, but true). We talked the whole thing out and while Ryan is always fine with the idea of me going off on my own to gallivant the countryside, it's just too early in our son's life for Ryan to be comfortable with him taking off to fly the friendly skies. And i'm okay with that, Ryan gets equal say here in our son's safety of course. 

So for now I'll just have to skype my way into Girl's Weekend and be satisfied with that. But next year I'll be on my way for sure.

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Victoria said...

awww love you guys <3 we'll miss you but you won't be forgotten!

And tell Ryan I totally share his fear of flying, not whales, but the flying eek. I'm scared to death of it so I can see why he wouldn't want his two most prized possessions on the flying death trap, I mean plane :P