Saturday, May 5, 2012

let the sun shine, let the sun shine in

Being a mother is amazing for thousands of reasons. One of them is that it reminds me to stop and ENJOY the moments of life. 

The other day my son spent thirty minutes playing in our curtains. The sun was streaming in, it was early in the morning, and he had the greatest time just laughing and running through the sheer curtains. He spun around, he draped them over his head and giggled as he walked forward and the curtain fell from his face. He ducked behind it and peeked out at me, laughing hysterically when I replied with surprise each time I saw his face. 
And it made me stop and think to myself - "wow, how amazing - to me, those curtains are just there. But to him, they're amazing, they're fun, they're catchers of light." And I just want to live life more like that - more like how he does. I want to look at the things I see every day and take JOY in them, to play in my life and to see how the world looks through the filtered light coming through a sheer curtain in my livingroom. 

There are so many lovely things to learn happening all around us all the time. It's just a matter of opening our eyes and being willing to see.


Stephanie Perryman said...

My just-turned-one-year-old daughter loves to play in our curtains too! Ours aren't sheer and pretty like that though. They are blue linen and pretty dirty at the bottom but she loves to sit there and put them on her head and twirl around in them. It IS amazing how children show us just how simple and joyful life can be if we will stop and look around us and appreciate everything we've been blessed with. Glad you had such a great morning with your little boy. He's a cutie!

Analilia said...

I love how our children teach us how to view life. It's so different and beautiful!

Dani said...

So adorable!! I love this post! Henry is so cute! I love those curls.