Friday, May 11, 2012

violence against women for extended breastfeeding? Do something about this.

I am in the middle of composing a blog post in reaction to the Time Magazine article.

However something more pressing has come up and I need to share it here.

This morning I read a post on a locked thread about something that was said on a Morning Radio Show in NY. The morning personality who goes by Coop had quite a lot to say about how HE would treat his wife if she had the audacity to nurse her son for an extended period of time and pose on the cover of Time magazine.

I have posted the original thread below so you can see what was said. Something needs to be done about this, this is the EXACT kind of thing that perpetuates violence and hatred towards women in our society. It is disgusting to me that this was said and that it went out over the airwaves to thousands of people. Here is the post that I read this morning

*PLEASE NOTE: i am not the original poster below. I did not hear the show, I do not live in the area however this needs to be shared in a public forum and I am taking it upon myself to do so here:


"I am so angry I'm shaking right now.

I was driving into work this morning and I had WPDH on the radio during the Coop and Kricket show. They were discussing the mother breastfeeding a 3 year old on the cover of Time Magazine. Coop went into this rant where he called the mother a whore and went on to say:

"What I blame is the husband-or should I say domestic partner since they're in California. But I blame the man. He should keep better control of his woman and get his boy to grow some hair down there. If that wouldn't fly. If that was my wife, they'd find her in a suitcase in my basement."

I'm so filled with shock and anger and rage right now. It goes without saying I won't listen to that station again. I'm going to write a letter and boycott advertisers too.


Follow up on WPDH Rant

In regards to my last post I called the radio station to complain.

I was informed that Coop was a loving husband and father, that he had strong feelings because felt that it was mental abuse, and that "while he might have been a bit too strong" he certainly didn't mean women should be killed for breastfeeding.

I was also told that I was the only one to complain (I hope he was lying) and invited me to call into the show on Monday (Why? Coop already made it clear to me I should be controlled by my husband and deserve to be killed.) Anyway, if you're so inclined...

WPDH (845) 471-1500
2 Pendell Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12602
VP / Market Manager: Aaron Hyland x150"


If you feel that this is unacceptable please let Aaron Hyland know. I have emailed him and received a response that he is looking into it.


Julie Anita said...

Thank you for posting publicly about this issue!

Everyone who emails: beware this response

"Good Afternoon _____,

We definitely do not condone any type of violence and we are currently reviewing the matter internally. We value all of our listeners!

I appreciate your candor regarding the matter and I take emails from our listeners very seriously.


Aaron Hyland"

It's the exact same response he's sending all of us.

Anonymous said...

I actually heard the radio broadcast live. To clarify, he wasn't ranting against breastfeeding at all. His tirade was about having the child photographed at his age on the cover of Time magazine. I happen to know that he is a huge supporter of breastfeeding. Also he didn't call her a whore. He is also an excellent father and a very considerate husband. I know that he does not condone violence aginst women. In our life together I have never felt threatened or endangered, nor have our 3 children. Feel free to complain but please make sure your facts are correct. I'd be happy to discuss this at lenght. You may feel free to email me at! I'll send you a picture of the 6 week old kittens he adopted for me for Mother's Day! Nona Cooper

doctressjulia said...

“What I blame is the husband-or should I say domestic partner since they’re in California. But I blame the man. He should keep better control of his woman and get his boy to grow some hair down there. If that wouldn’t fly. If that was my wife, they’d find her in a suitcase in my basement.”

This is a direct quote from the program in question. You are either being disingenuous, lying, or have severe Stockholm syndrome if you think that this man is in any way an ally to women. From his words, he sounds like a violent sociopath and a misogynist.

Allies to women DO NOT make death threats against them, and do NOT talk about controlling them like slaves.