Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"I'm not fat, I'm pregnant!"

So a new thing happened to me this week....

I got asked if I was pregnant.

This is crazy to me because all of a sudden I went from looking like a (slightly bloated) version of myself to a definitely PREGNANT version of myself overnight. Seriously, it was overnight.

I had a good friend staying with me this weekend and on Monday I woke up and got dressed and suddenly none of my clothes fit me and i had a definite baby bump where there was no bump before.  Thinking I might just be paranoid and my hormones could be playing tricks on me (trust me, it happens...a lot) I went out into the living room, turned sideways and said to her, "do i look more pregnant today than I did yesterday?" she nodded and said, "Yea, wow you definitely do"

How weird is that?

Answer: SO WEIRD.

So i did the only thing I could....I wore a maternity shirt that my mother bought me (you know, one of the ones I was convinced I wouldn't be needing for "quite a while" (you're right again, mom)) and I hoped that it did a good job of hiding things. And for the most part, I think it did.


we went to the nail salon.

It was while my feet were submerged in water and a woman was scrubbing my legs with exfoliate that the subject was causally brought up:

The lady rubbing my friend's feet said to me, "So are you married?" and I said, "Yes, I am!"

she nodded and then said, "So how long have you been married?" and i said, "i think about 14 or 15 months now?" (real answer is actually more like 16 months).

She replied, "That's nice, do you have any kids?" I grinned and said, "Not yet but we've got one on the way!" and I patted my stomach which I realized I had already been resting my hand on.

she said, "Oh congratulations! We were wondering if you were pregnant but we didn't want to ask and be rude!"

I laughed but inside I was like, oh my god, i really DO look pregnant!

Looking pregnant is something I'm used to avoiding. I'll try on shirts or dresses with empire waists and say, "Yea it's cute but does it make me look pregnant?" when it billows out and away from my body.  Now however I am wearing regular clothes and I STILL look pregnant anyway! This is totally weird and something I'm not sure I'm ready for (not that I have a choice!) but I know that the more that time passes, the cuter my baby bump will become and the better I'll feel about it.  Because even though the nice lady at the nail place had the courtsey to ask me, there are tons more people who probably look at me and just assume I never lost the freshmen 15 or something. And that kinda sucks.

Though it's all for a good cause, I know that.

In the meantime, my sister gave me a good tip...I asked her, "what do i do when i look somewhere between fat and pregnant?" and she said, "oh it's easy, just stand with one hand on your back and one hand on your stomach all the time! it totally works!" and she proceeded to model the pose for me. And she was right! She looked pregnant! Well, really she looked like a super thin girl pretending to look pregnant but still, i got the message. So now I kinda try to stand like that just in case.

here I am modeling The Pose on the day in question (and don't ask why I'm standing in front of a's so not an interesting enough story)

See though? The Pose totally works you guys!

In light of all of this, I kinda want to get that t-shirt that says "i'm not fat I'm pregnant!" but I think that's a little too aggressive for my taste.

Even if it DOES have those hearts on it...

And anyway, this phase will only last a little bit longer. From what i've been told in no time at all I will be unmistakably pregnant and my plan then is to wear all of those ambiguous little sun dresses and frolic around proud of my cute little baby bump.  Well, hopefully anyway...if I'm up to frolicking that is of course.

So in the meantime I think I might hide out in my house or wear a bunch of flowy stuff or walk around with my hand constantly rubbing my belly and just make due. Cause honestly, who really cares what other people think anyway? And isn't it EXCITING that I'm starting to show?

I should start some kind of movement, Early Pregnancy and Proud! or something lol

maybe not.

So there we have it, my first encounter with someone who didn't know me knowing I was pregnant. This is the kinda stuff that's noteworthy guys, this is the kinda stuff that there is to blog about.

I'll be back tomorrow I hope, i have something else i've been wanting to talk about :) oh and an early ultrasound picture to share too!

Thanks for reading and yay for starting to show!

Love and Baby Bumps,



Shauna said...

YAY! That's so cute. I think you're going to be (and ARE, lol) the cutest pregnant lady ever. You'll have a definite baby bump in no time, I'm sure. I've seem a lot of pictures of girls at 12 weeks who are unmistakably pregnant. I doubt I'll be that lucky since i've already got the chub going on, but you will for sure be one of those cuties! ;)

Rhian said...

thanks so much Shauna!! You are going to be completely adorable too! and don't worry, i bet you'll show sooner than you thought, you look amazing right now honestly. I didn't think i was going to show at ALL for forever so this has been really weird for me so far (not like i'm huge but still lol)

Anonymous said...

awe yay! You are going to be such a cute and beautiful pregnant lady!

btw that stand totally works...when I have to pee and bathrooms aren't public, I stand and walk up like that so they'll let me use the bathroom.. not going to lie!

At least the lady at the salon was nice about it, my mother in law has been asked when she's due and she sometimes goes along with it and sometimes just goes...I'm not it's fat..thanks. lol.

Emma said...

Aww yay I love this post!! And LOL that you posted the Chick-fil-a picture!!! hahahaa You are definitely super cute and pregnant!!!!