Friday, April 16, 2010

11 week update!

So this is my 11 Week Update!!! Can you believe it's already 11 weeks? Just one more and i'm at 12 (and then six days after that and I will officially be in my second trimester! hooray!)

so without further ado...let's get on with it!

this week the baby is the size of a:

Picture 1

a lime!!

I remember a friend of mine being at 11 weeks back when I was at 7 weeks and I was jealous because her baby was a lime already lol! But now my baby is a lime too! No more lime-envy haha ;)

the baby is between 1.6 to 2.4 inches and it weighs approximately 8 grams! (a large egg weighs about 8 grams just for a weight-comparison! that's pretty good, right?)

Over the next three weeks, the length of the baby will DOUBLE! That's amazing :)

Picture 2

Right now the head-to-body proportions are about 1:1 which means that the head is pretty huge and is about the same size as the baby's body.  That's to fit in all of the brains bc you guys know we're gonna have a super genius baby ;)

oh wow, i only have 29 weeks of pregnancy left! that's amazing

the baby is probably having the hiccups in there this week because the diaphragm is forming! aww that's so cute!

Picture 3

all of the baby's vital organs are formed at this point and are functioning normally and they will continue to do so throughout the rest of pregnancy (and life!).  The baby can kick his or her little feet and move his or her arms but sadly i won't be able to feel any of that until about another month or so from now. Boo!

His or her genetalia is fully formed now but won't be visible for a while more.  But whatever it is, it's there!

The baby's urinary system is working and the amniotic fluid (about 3 tablespoons worth) is being replaced by my body every three hours.

Soon the baby will be able to open and close a fist!  Nails and teeth buds are forming as well.

Picture 4

some of the baby's bones are beginning to harden. His or her skin is translucent and you can see blood vessels underneath/through the skin still.

here's what the baby looks like in my tummy:

Picture 5

as for me, headaches are really normal right now (and boy have i had that symptom...this week i've had CONSTANT headaches and migraines). My hair and nails might start to grow thicker and faster now that would be awesome. OR they could break and fall out lol so lets hope for thick and strong, right?

As of now it's normal to not have gained any or much weight...once i'm in the second trimester I will probably start to gain about a pound a week. oh man lol.  As of now I've gained probably 2 pounds. The normal range for first trimester weight gain is 2 - 5 pounds so that's good for me :)

okay so that's it for this week! 11 weeks! yay!


Victoria said...

aww your lime is so cute!

Rhian said...

yay thanks!! :)