Monday, November 14, 2011

doctors and presents and turkeys oh my!

So today was Henry's 12 month well baby checkup!

He is a big and beautiful boy who is meeting all of his milestones and is advanced with his speaking :) hooray! 

Henry weighs - 27.7 pounds
Height: 31 inches 
Head measurement: 19 inches (he's got his daddy's genes on that one - giant head (for giant brains?))
Poor guy also had to get four shots so that was kinda sad. He liked the nurse just fine until that happened. But he ended up getting a sticker with a cat on it so he was happy (he kept holding it up at me and saying "Caaaaaaat!!!!" and laughing lol)

After his appointment I managed to meet up with a lady selling a cool baby basketball hoop! This facebook garage sale group has been awesome both for selling and buying so far! I am scoring all kinds of cool gifts for Henry for Christmas and am spending hardly any money (my cheap frugal husband is so proud). 

 This is the one i got! for only $7!! (retails $36!) 

You seriously should look and see if there are local garage sale groups in your area on facebook. For reals.

After the pedi we went to Whole Foods where we stocked up on all kinds of goodies. Now that Henry is eating tons more solids, I am basically obsessed with feeding him the best quality foods that I can. For lunch he had Three Squash Soup which he was absolutely in love with (despite the fact that i thought it tasted like eating liquified onion. gross!). He topped that off with some whole grain apple muffin for dessert. He was an absolute MESS once the meal was over due to trying to wear his muffin on his head like a hat but LOL he had a good time in the process. I love that kid. 

Okay, i know this is a basically pointless post BUT i wanted to post something so here it is. 

Oh and for my pinterest project, I am going to be making Henry a Thanksgiving shirt...wanna help me decide which one?  Here are the two i'm debating between:


(only not so girlie obviously)

So what do you think? #1 or #2?

okay off to wrestle the little one to bed (and to join him there myself)


Emma said...

Number one, FOR SURE!!

Liz said...

#1!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!

Lindsay said...

#1! Too cute!

LOL, Henry knows how to party...wearing a muffin on his head is where it's at! :)