Saturday, November 12, 2011

hello, old friend (again)

I think I'm going to give this blogging thing the good old college try again. Although in my case, I should just say give it a try since we all know how long it took me to get through college.

In any event, here I am sitting at my computer on the evening of Henry's First Birthday Party. It was a huge success and everyone had a phenomenal time.

I want to thank the vendors I worked with to pull this party off - specifically:

Cake Arts Consulting who is local to me and who made an amazing cake for Henry's party:
(sorry for the photo quality there, it's a cell phone pic)


Alli App Boutique on etsy who made Henry's first birthday shirt for us:

Both were awesome vendors and they come highly recommended (and no, i am not getting anything for saying that!)

It was such a great party and don't worry, I have more photos coming but for now I will leave you with this teaser photos and one of my accomplishments in this whole endeavor because it is something i made and was inspired by from pinterest (and yes, that links you to my pinterest, feel free to follow my boards! i like to follow you back on pinterest so it will be fun):

Henry's party was a Rainbow themed party (i really wanted to just have Birthday Party be the theme and when trying to come up for a color-scheme for that for a 1 year old - rainbows seemed the most celebratory and awesome). I found this idea on pinterest done with tulle and i knew i had to try to execute it for his party! I think it came out awesome :) I made it myself using a lampshade - a pillow case and streamers! Such a cool rainbow-coming-from-a-cloud affect!

I have some fun ideas for blog posts coming up. Included in this will be a monthly Pinterest post where I make a craft from pinterest and post it here. I am going to be posting it on the 15th of every month (so i better get cracking on my November pinterest item!). Please feel free to join in on this with me and we can do a linky-type-event where we all praise one another for our pinterest successes :)

I am also going to document my Project Body journey which is basically just my endeavor to return to my pre-pregnancy figure. I'm not too far out from it now but I still could use some work. It's my goal to get myself back in shape before we bring on Baby #2! (more on that to come)

So I just want to thank anyone who is still here and still reading and who is still hanging in there. Please keep on keeping on and check back for more to come. I am excited to share with you all!


Victoria said...

I love it all and you and I'm thrilled you are back :)

Lindsay said...

Yaaaaaaaaay, you're back!

Jessica said...

Welcome back!!! That rainbow craft is super cute :)

ForHisGlory said...

Love that you're back, Rhi! :)

Rhian said...

Thanks everyone!! Im glad to be back :)

Ms. Divine said...

Yay! You're back!
I love the idea of a monthly Pinterest post - forces you to not simply have inspiration overload.