Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pinterest Project - completed!

okay so OOPS.

I promised to come back the next day with a completed pinterest project and, well, i didn't. That will teach me to make promises that I know are super far-fetched.

In any event i DID complete a pinterest project and I am SO excited about it. It didn't happen by the 15th but hey, it DID happen in the month of November and beggars can't be choosers.

I made these little awesome dudes:

(note, those are not mine and have been snagged from a blog that you can get to by clicking the photo)

This was all thanks to my friend Jule Ann who has a really great blog called The Crappy Housewife which you should check out. Jule Ann hosted a Make-Cute-Turkeys playdate at her house today when my "Let's Decorate Thanksgiving Shirts for our Kids" playdate fell through due to horrible disorganization on my part. 

I had a lot of fun and these little guys aren't nearly as complicated to make as they look. They're fun and fabulous. And I completed another Pinterest Project!! I'm up to 3 now! Go me!

So yea, that's my exciting news for tonight. 

How are the rest of you doing? Have any fun crafts or Pinterest things you want to make? Link me! I need inspiration!

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Ms. Divine said...

Oh wow, the Crappy Housewife is hilarious! I added her to my blog list.

I have WAAAY too much fun on Pinterest...but then I never DO any of it. Well, that's not true - I've tried LOTS of cookie recipes, but NONE of the crafty projects I've pinned...yet!