Friday, June 11, 2010

19 weeks!

so wow, i'm at 19 weeks pregnant! Only one more week until I'm officially halfway done!

and as you all know, this week we found out that we're having a little boy!!! yay!! So let's find out what he's up to this week

this week the baby is the size of....

Picture 2

...a Mango!! whoa!

He is about 6 inches (the size of half a sandwich from Subway lol) from head to butt and weighs about 9 ounces (i know up there it says 8.5 buuut the ultrasound lady told us that our baby weighs 9 lol). His legs add extra length to his body obv. and he could be as long as 10 inches! that's huge!

A waxy layer made of oil and dead skin cells (ewie!) is now coating his body to protect him from the amniotic fluid (being submerged in fluid for 40 weeks straight would prob be a little much so this coating helps keep him protected).

Picture 3

His arms and legs are in proportion to his body now and he's basically just a tiny little person in there! (well, duh, he has been the whole time but he really LOOKS like one now).

His brain is working on developing his senses at the moment and he can hear and is also developing his other senses (you know them, taste, touch, smell, sight). The brain is making special areas right now for each sense!

His kidneys are producing urine and he is starting to grow hair on his head! hooray!

Picture 4

the baby is gaining weight now and he is specifically putting on "brown fat" which is the kind of fat that keeps him nice and warm once he's born (and it will help to make his skin stop looking translucent in there).

His permanent teeth buds are in place now and he is fully in conscious control of his movement at this point too!

His major focus from now on is to gain weight! and apparently that's going to be my major focus also (i've gained 6 pounds so far (but look like i've gained a million LOL)). Most women have gained about 14 pounds by now buuuut I'm happy with my 6 (and seriously, it was only 3 until 2 weeks ago so i'm doing fine haha)

As for me, my uterus is moving up and is almost at my belly button now (my doctor said it was in the perfect position on Wednesday! yay!) and i could experience some darkening of my skin due to extra estrogen? that's weird. It will go away after baby is born though if that does happen.

I am at the point now where i have to sleep on my side and am not allowed to sleep on my back anymore. This is because there are major veins in your back that can have their blood supply cut off if you lay on your back with all that extra weight. It's only inconvenient when i want to read in bed at night and now i have to sit up to do it lol

so that's it! 19 weeks! one more until we're at the halfway point! I can't believe how fast it's going by!

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