Tuesday, June 1, 2010

long weekends and making a deal with the devil

hi loves! I hope that all my American friends had a wonderful Memorial Day holiday!  I made sure on Monday to take a moment and remember the real reason that we have such a holiday and to pay homage to the men and women in the service who have dedicated their times and sometimes their lives for our safety and to protect us here in the USA.  It is honorable what they do and what they devote and give on our behalves <3

I want to make a Memorial Day post with some pictures I took of my niece but unfortunately I am a bad little photog and haven't yet uploaded my photos or done any editing whatsoever.  It's my goal to do that tomorrow however so keep your eyes out for a photo-post in the next few days.

I also want to make a post about our Big Move!!  As many of you know, my husband Ryan and I moved over the weekend and are now living with my parents!  We have two rooms on the second floor that are our own (three if you include the bathroom) and I am currently typing this from my new "Living Room" here on the second floor.  We're doing awesome and are loving our new space and I have to say, it's been really great to have family dinner with my parents every night. I've totally loved it.

As of now we still don't have our TV hooked up and there have been some central air issues (such as leaking from our ceiling in the middle of the night last night lol we were definitely awake and looking for buckets at 3:00AM!) but those have been resolved and things are great now. The central air guys came and fixed everything this afternoon and tomorrow the TV person will be here too.

So yea there's a bunch of Super Exciting information for ya! lol

here's a (webcam)photo i took our first night here...note that there are still boxes piled up. Unfortunately if i were to take a photo right now it would look very much the same. We've still got boxes piled up and things are generally kinda a mess. I guess you could say we haven't made much progress unpacking our livingroom area just yet but we are going to get there - my husband has promised me that it will look lovely and soon (now if only he would stop playing xbox for more than 20 minutes at a time, i think i might me more inclined to believe him lol).

I will do a more detailed post as there are more details to post but just know that we are doing great and we're happily settling in!

Oh and i have to say this: notice how the window behind me is completely without any window-treatment? Yep.  Well, we have 8 windows total amongst our two rooms and while this is great and we have been basking in the glory of all that natural light, it's NOT so fabulous at 6:00 in the morning when Mr. Golden Sun is rising right in my eyes.  Our old curtains that we used to have are sheers and therefore obviously won't be of much help to us since the livingroom windows are directly opposite from TVs and computers (and since sheers in the bedroom are kinda pointless lol).

The point of all this rambling is that I wasn't excited to get 8 curtain rods and 16 curtains. Those things are EXPENSIVE. I knew that i had to do something though because really, it's not cute with no window treatments and every time i get dressed i hafta kinda do it hunched over so no one can see me through the windows! (especially at night!)

So i decided to see what I could do to resolve the issue. I knew I had to go shopping (lol "had" to go shopping, poor me, right?).  I did however have to be economical about it soooo i had the genius idea of going to Wal*Mart for curtain rods.

Brief rant: i typically avoid walmart at all costs. Not only because it is the singular beacon of what's absolutely, disgustingly WRONG with America today (i will enthusiastically write up a list of reasons why for anyone who is curious lol) but also because they CONTINUE despite multiple lawsuits, general eye-rolling, protesting and disgusted tsking of the tongue, to NOT PAY women equally as they do men. I swear, it's true!

Basically, they're EVIL.

Anyway...despite this truth (and honestly i am saddened to admit that i went there anyway), this morning i realized that I am broke enough that I had to see if i could find a good deal (lack of money drives us to do awful things. i am not proud of my decision!) I promise, i will make up for this by donating to a women's charity or something else that i see fit in about a month when Ryan and I are done bleeding ourselves dry in order to break our lease at our old apartment (they are literally getting our ENTIRE paycheck this month).

So yes, i gave in, and I went to Wal*Mart. Land of the realization of the American Dream.  In a bad way.

I was specifically looking for curtain rods today because I happen to know over at good old Target, they sell curtain rods for no less than $11.99 each.  That's nice buuuuut $11.99 times 8 = more expensive than I could justify for poles that hang fabric on them.

So I checked out walmart's curtain rods and i kid you not, i got non-ugly ones - all 8 of them, for $35. $35!  Thirty-five dollars.

And that's how they get you!

It's awful, I know. It's like making a mini deal with the devil. I am aware and I do feel badly. But I got 8 curtain rods for $35 this morning. I do feel like i deserve a little high-five with myself or something.

So there we have it, my domestic adventures so far since The Big Move.

I swear to come back with more interesting content next time. In the meanwhile, comment here and tell me how YOUR Memorial Day Weekends went! I'd love to hear about them :)

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Shauna said...

I hate Walmart too. It's really unfortunate that it is the only place to buy cheap things. We generally try to get to Value Village (a second hand store) or Zellers before we try Walmart, but sometimes cheaper is just better for us.

Doug won't step foot in there, though. And I often get anxiety attacks when I'm there. It's pretty weird.