Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Materialism at it's Finest

Last October my husband and I went to a wedding in Cincinnati with his extended family.  Just for kicks, here's a photo of us from that wedding:

The wedding took place on a chilly Saturday and while we (myself and my two sisters in law) were waiting in the lobby for my husband to figure out our transportation to the wedding, one of my SILs showed us the shoes she was wearing.

They didn't look like much, to be honest. Just standard black strappy wedge-like heels. But then she kicked one off while simultaneously saying to me, "These are the most comfortable shoes ever, try it on."

I was a little hesitant. I mean, let's be honest, no one really likes de-shoeing in a hotel lobby to try on someone else's footwear but she was convincing so I obliged.

...And she was right. It was the most comfortable heel i've ever worn. Seriously.

Soon it was me turning to my other SIL and saying, "Oh my god, you have to put this shoe on, it's amazing!" I was eyed skeptically but she obliged as well and within moments we were both asking my first SIL where she got these shoes and how they were so comfortable.

She explained that she borrowed them from a friend for the specific reason that these were literally The Most Comfortable Heels on Earth and that she had to have them for the wedding.

Since then my mind has randomly wandered back to these shoes. Whenever I have a fancy event to go to i wish that I could reach for them and put them on instead of strapping myself into some stiletto-like pain machine and hobbling around on pegs all night at whatever event I have to go to.

Gone are my days of parading down the street at night in stylish heels. I enjoy Carrie Bradshaw but I no longer wish to emulate her fashion stylings or her footwear. I cannot justify stuffing myself into 3 inches of pain even if it does ~*complete my outfit*~. I guess I'm getting old. Or as my mother would say, I'm getting smart.

And so now when I think about dressy shoes, especially now that I'm pregnant and my feet are starting to hurt from just shopping in flip flops, I think about these super comfortable shoes that I got to try on in this cold Cincinnati lobby last October.

So where did these amazing shoes come from and how can you find some of your own? I'm here to share, my friends. I'm here to share.

Shockingly these shoes were made by....Crocs.

Yes, Crocs. The people who invented those terrible-smelling and worse looking rubber-boat-like-shoe monstrosities.  The ones with the holes and the back straps that come in any variety of color? The ones touted to be "Garden Clogs" but that people in fact wear everywhere and anywhere (please note: if you are under the age of 10, wearing crocs is perfectly acceptable, smart and even kind of cute).

Crocs. The ugliest shoes ever. The shoes about which i said, "If i am ever wearing those and thinking it's acceptable, you know i've come to my end. Put me out to pasture."

So you'll imagine my shock and surprise when SIL announced that they were crocs and that THAT was how they were so comfortable. Amazing.  Crocs. I probably had to pick up my jaw from the floor.

Was it possible that the crocs people made a shoe that wasn't hideous? Yes apparently it was because just moments before I had one on my foot.

And while it wasn't going to win Most Stylish Heel of the Year anytime soon, the comfort of it far balanced that. And anyway it was still pretty darn cute!


(the photo takes you to the site, but here's the link anyway: they're only $49.99!)

And like i said, yes the heel is kinda thick and yes, there IS an annoying little crocodile grinning at you from the side of the shoe but trust me, five minutes with these babies on your feet and you won't even care about those things. 

While I was clicking around this site this morning looking for these specific shoes I learned something else about the Crocs people: they make a TON of shoes now!  And I cringe to say this but, a lot of them are really cute

For example, this morning I happened upon these adorable little boots:

and my reaction was literally to gasp and then to immediately copy and paste the link to my husband in a not-at-all-subtle way of telling him that I want them. He doesn't get those hints ever though so I am sure that I will still be without them on the next rainy day. 

But seriously, that is a CUTE boot. And it comes in pink which for me is just about the best thing ever. And the crocs people continued their "all colors of the rainbow" trend but did it right here and extended all of those colors to these boots as well! They also comes in yellow, red, blue, white, black and brown...and each one is adorable!  

How amazing! 

And as of this point I haven't even really gotten through most of their inventory, I was too busy sending my hubby links and rushing off to write this post, but the more i click, the more impressed I am.

Sure there are still the occasional duds:

ugh I mean REALLY? and these are made for WOMEN. Not to mention they're $49.99 (someone would have to give ME $49.99 in order to wear those)

But overall, I was really impressed with what they've done to the place. Color me surprised! (in either pink, yellow, red, white, blue, black or brown apparently).

So I guess it's safe to say that I've been made into a believer. That i am a convert of sorts. 

Guess I'll meet ya in the pasture. But hey, at least i'll be super comfortable while I'm waiting there. 

(and you'll still never catch me in those damn garden clogs!)


Shauna said...

Don't discount the garden clogs yet! Apparently, they are the most comfortable shoe for swollen pregnant feet. My friend M tried on numerous pairs of shoes before she finally caved and bought the comfy clogs. I still swear I'd rather wear slippers than those croc clogs though. ;)

Emma said...

hahahaha don't knock 'em!! I definitely lived in Crocs for my whole third trimester. When it's 100 degrees out and you're mega pregnant and your feet are swollen, come talk to me about crocs. lol.

Also - my friend Steph works for Crocs and gets a super amazing discount and their markup is INSANE (like Sam's $28 crocs were $8 at her employee price) soooooooo what I'm sayin is go try some on and tell me what size you need and I'll get you the homegirl hookup and send 'em to you. ;) But only if you send my mug first. lol

Island Gal said...

I loveeee Crocs!! lol

What was done said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:

Ott, A. said...

I love shoes (not like) LOVE!!!! I buy shoes and then shop around for an outfit to wear the shoes with. I have boxes and shoe trees, and the floor of my closet are all lined with shoes. I think your post has inspired me to blog about shoes in the future. I may have to give these heeled crocs a try.

Tara said...

i couldnt believe it when i saw that croc makes heels. luckily i'm not on my feet too often so i can just stick to my uncomfortable heels! i dont think i could rock the crocs. i guess i cant knock it til i try it!

Raquel said...

I agree totally with you about Crocs! The clog ones are awful and really should only be worn around the house doing chores, which is what I did with mine until they fell apart. Now I have a pair of red ones that aren't exactly like these but they are similar:,default,pd.html?cid=040&cgid=women-footwear

They are red and have a little rhinestone on the side of the strap. They are PERFECT for wearing with a skirt when it rains in the summer! (Wearing rainboots with a skirt when it's hot and muggy and wet is just too cumbersome and unpleasant for me!)

I also LOVE the Croc wedges. Wedges are my favorite style of shoe because they give you height without stiletto wobble. I would wear the ones on the Croc site in a heartbeat. They even have non-Croc material shoes. They have come a long way! I hope you get (or Ryan gets for you) some cute and comfy shoes! You deserve them!