Tuesday, March 22, 2011

all moved in

here i am, updating from our new house!

it's really pretty much the most exciting thing ever to write that sentence. Ryan and I have been waiting for this for so long and the fact that it's finally here is kind of one of those pinch-me-so-i-know-it's-real scenarios. 

what ISN'T so fairy tale about the thing so far is that the house is in a state of organizational disarray. 

I've moved a lot in my life. Ryan and I have moved six times in the four and a half years we've been together. That's substantial. You'd think i'd be an expert by now. Unfortunately, i'm not and therefore sitting in a house full of boxes of my junk still has the power to force me to call Ryan while he's at work and say things like, "oh my god, i cannot deal with this!" and, "is our house going to be a mess forever??"

Lucky for me, Ryan knows just how to handle these mental-breakdowns of mine and he reassures me that it just takes time and patience and things will be fine. Our houses never stay this way forever. Duh. 

But i still hate this chaos phase of things. I like when everything is all in it's place. i like when i can sashay into the kitchen and whip up dinner without having to rummage around looking for basic ingredients. I like having my real curtains up and not the fleece blanket that we've currently dangled from the sides of the window so that Henry will stay asleep past sunrise. 

i like organization. 

I'm learning to let go and look at time in larger chunks though. I've had to learn this since becoming a momma anyway so i guess the universe is just giving me an opportunity here to put that new tool into use. Tasks that I used to be able to achieve in 10 minutes now can take up to an hour or more. Running a quick errand is a thing of the past (although ironically enough, taking a long shower has also fallen into the "days of yore" category). So i guess i have to stop looking at "unpacking all of our belongings" as something i can somehow do in an hour. Even though i really think/wish that i could. 

But anyway, here we are, in our new house! our own new house! and despite the fact that my kitchen isn't redone yet and it is the smallest kitchen on earth and that the bathroom is pink and gray and the hot water in the shower is all messed up and that i cannot find any of my current clothing there is honestly hardly anything better than waking up everyday here in our own home together. It's sooo nice. Just what we were imagining. 

So yea, things are pretty good so far. 


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