Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Giveaway Fun & Mommy Must Haves!

First, I want you guys to keep your eyes open for my first ever giveaway! I've been in touch with an AWESOME etsy seller and I am hoping that she and I can work something out so I can do this amazing giveaway. 

Just something to keep on your radar. 

anyway, in the meantime, there are a few posts I've been wanting to write and right now Ryan is in the other room with Henry and i can hear them playing and having a great time so I figured I would sit down and do this post!

Back when I was pregnant, my good friend Victoria of  http://www.adventuresinmommyhood.net/ wrote a really awesome post listing all of her favorite things she needed as a mom. She just recently wrote an updated post with even more stuff too. I swear, when I read her first post, I wrote everything down and added all of it to my registry and I have to say: she was right about it all!

Then not long ago another friend of mine Laura over at http://www.betweenthelinesblog.net wrote a very similar post with all of her must-haves and I was thrilled to see a lot of different stuff on there which I have put onto ANOTHER list called "Things To Try" lol and I can't wait to use a lot of them. 

So then I realized that I wanted to get in on the fun and since I have about five pregnant friends, I thought that I should make use of this awesome blog space and just make a list too! If you are reading this and have anything to add, please feel free to share it with me in the comments :)

so here we go:

My own list of Mommy Must Have's!

1. The Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper

There is a reason i put this as the first item! It's the absolute best baby item we've had so far. Henry has slept in here every night since he was about three weeks old. It's perfect, it saddles up right next to the bed and when he starts stirring in the night, Ryan just reaches out and rocks him right back to sleep. Amazing, wonderful and fabulous. And it's angled to prevent issues with reflux. Dream item!

2. Soothie Pacifiers

Soothie Pacifiers, affectionately known by me as "the hospital pacifiers" are just that, they're the pacifiers they give you when you come home from the hospital. Now, Henry is NOT a pacifier baby by any means BUT if he's going to take anything, it's going to be this kind and this kind only. Definitely has helped us once or twice. 

3. Johnson & Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bubble Bath and Wash

Once We figured out that Henry loves the bath when he takes it with me, the other step to that puzzle was adding Johnson's baby bedtime bubble bath and wash. Seriously. I know i sound like a weird commercial here but it's true - this stuff is great. It helps him get sleepy and ready for bed! We use it EVERY NIGHT in his bath as part of our bedtime routine and it's wonderful

4. My Pal Scout

Scout is a really cool programmable dog. You plug him into your computer through the USB drive and you can enter in your child's name and interests. It then customizes songs and things including those interests and your baby's name! It's so cool. It also has a lullaby setting and can play music for up to ten straight minutes. Scout has been useful for us on many occasions, especially in long car rides with a cranky little guy in the back seat.

5. Medela Pump In Style

The Medela pump is amazing. I love mine so much and it is so convenient in it's little tote form. I didn't realize how necessary a good breast pump would be and while i DO feel like a farm animal sometimes when using it, it's fast and easy and effective and easy to clean and take care of and i love it. 

6. Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

Now that Henry is a little bit bigger, we would seriosuly be lost if it wasn't for this awesome bouncer. It's seriously SO great and he loves loves loves it!

7. Ergo Infant Carrier

I have tried so many carriers. I am a big fan of baby-wearing and Henry LOVES to be snuggled up against me. None of the other carriers even come CLOSE to being as amazing as the Ergo is. It distributes the weight of the baby to your back (which is important when you have a big boy like Henry!) and lets him be close. It also allows you to wear baby on your back when he's older. I love this carrier and it is worth it's price. (a close second for me is the moby wrap but that definitely takes some getting used to)

8. Snap N' Go Stroller Frame

This has been so great for us. We didn't buy a traditional travel system, instead we registered for a GREAT carseat (the chicco Keyfit 30) and a jogging stroller. We also got one of these and it has been awesome. It's so easy to use and quick to open up. You just take it out, flip it open and put the carseat in it and ta-da! off you go. Seriously, i can do it with one hand and that is a must. So great and so convenient. 

9. Sassy Bugs on Board

These just happen to be the ones we have but the idea is fundamental: have little soft things hanging from the bar of your carseat. Seriously. Henry HATES being in his carseat and he hates the car. That bee right there on the right is one of the only reasons he stays calm sometimes. It has honestly helped me calm him down on many occasions. SO GREAT.

10. Sassy Ring O'Links

Even though he's not a huge fan of activity mats or gyms, these rings have helped us make the ones Henry does like more tolerable to him. You can extend the things that hang from them by adding these rings. Definitely necessary and helpful and awesome. 

11. Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

Henry is obsessed with this ball. OBSESSED. There is a second little ball inside this ball and it dingalings around and the cage part is bendy and this was one of the first things Henry could pick up on his own and put in his mouth. He loves it! Loves it.

12. Boudreaux's Buttpaste

An organic and safe diaper rash cream that seriously clears up rashes instantly. It's SO great. 

13. BabyGanics Stain Stain Go Away

This stuff takes out the worst stains. Just spray it on immediately and there you go, no ruined onesies.

I avoided putting obvious things on this list but just to be clear, we also could not have survived the past four months without a pack and play, a swing and a soft mat/blankets on the floor lol 

okay that's all i have time for for now! I have a crying baby to feed and snuggle and bathe. Oh, and Henry needs some attention also ;) 


Victoria said...

yay I love this post! And now I must have a My Pal Scout, how cute is that?! I can't wait to try out the rock and play sleeper. I would have killed for that with Jake!

It's funny because Jake hates pacis too, but the soother was the only one he reluctantly took a few times. Henry and Jake are so similar!

Rhian said...

You are going to love that sleeper Victoria, seriously, it's amazing!

and yay Scout is SO cute! Henry's favorite food is listed as Milk lol

Lindsay said...

I want Scout so bad! I saw it at Babies 'R' Us and thought it was the coolest thing ever! Your post inspired me to add Scout to our registry! :)

Also yay for Baby Ganics! They're my favorite.

Stacey said...

Following from Bloggy Moms!

PS. Butt Paste is my hero :)