Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Want to be More Like Henry

I want to be more like Henry, he's already taught me so much:

Every morning he wakes up and smiles at the new day. He lays in bed and laughs to himself, chuckling at private jokes and little amusements he finds around him.

He explores. Even though he can't walk or even roll over yet, the world fascinates him. He reaches with his hands, turns his head, kicks his feet. He tastes everything.

I want to be more like Henry. I want to foster that curiosity, that absolute glee towards life.

I want to be more like Henry, every day he does something new.

He appreciates his feet, is thrilled when something lightly brushes his tummy and it tickles. He loves music and truly studies the arts.

Henry doesn't miss a detail. He stares at lamps and light fixtures, studies spoons and toys. He is fascinated by the things that most of us take for granted.

When he sees people he loves, without any hesitation whatsoever he greets them with the largest smile that his face can contain. I want to be more like that.

I want to be more like Henry. I want to study and investigate and to notice. I want to smile broadly and make everyone who I love really feel it.

I want to be more like Henry, he's so honest and true.

When something is going wrong, he speaks up about it. He isn't afraid of treading on other peoples' feelings, he isn't embarrassed by anything. When something isn't right, Henry tells us.

And when it's right again, he's joyful again. Hes appreciative. He smiles.

I want to be more like Henry. He's the best person I know.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Rhian! Henry is luckily to have you as his mommy. ♥

Jule Ann said...

So sweet. Well put!

Olivia Greene said...

This was a very beautiful read. I too often think how nice it would be to have those kinds of feelings/attitudes that are so pure and innocent..before our brains get clouded with other things that happen to us in life. Oh, the life of a child!