Thursday, May 20, 2010

Breaking News!

okay well i guess it's not so breaking to us, but since I forgot to update about it, it can be breaking news here!:

We've decided to move!

And to answer your questions:
Yes, we did just move into our current apartment in January.
Yes, we realize that it is only 5 months later.

Buuuut add to that equation a pregnancy that took us both at least somewhat by surprise only a month after we moved in and you'll see our dilemma.

Here's another equation for you (I am doing surprisingly well so far for being such a non-mathy person!): 1 bedroom + lots of STUFF + no closet space + a whole new person currently marinading inside my tummy + all the STUFF that said new person comes with = a need for somewhere else to live.

Soooo where are we moving, do I hear you asking? Well, I'll tell you! (duh):

We are moving in with my parents!

I'll let that one sink in for a second.

You feeling okay? Good.

So yes, we're moving in with my parents. Two adults, one little unborn person, a cat and two birds. Moving next weekend.

Why? Well there are several reasons. Most of them involving the obvious....

No, we're not masochists. The obvious is MONEY! DUH!

Ahhh money. That sweet, and evil little word that means so much in life (and yet ultimately means so little). Money, money, money.

See the thing is, Ryan and I realized that someday in the not-so-distant future we would like to own a home. And, after looking into it a bit, we realized that even if Obama does ship us $8,000, well, houses are still hella expensive. Hella Expensive, my friends. Especially considering one of us is a full-time student (when she's not on modified bed rest, that is).

And so while we could buy now (and we really did look into it), we've decided to play it a little differently and to go room it up with Mom and Dad and pay off our debt while simultaneously saving some ca$h towards our future.

Plus, there are other bonuses too:

1. My parents are awesome. Seriously, they are. They're not like typical parents...they are funny and light-hearted and legitimately enjoy having interesting conversations with you and they like to do fun stuff and they're just great to be around. All of my friends have always said to me, "I seriously love your parents so much! They're awesome!" and it's happened enough that I know it's true and not just one of those things people say.

2. My mom has had 4 kids. FOUR. that's a lot.  And, well considering that so far I haven't had any yet, I'm figuring out that I could really benefit from her wealth of knowledge. Plus, i will have people around to talk to all day when it's just me and little Baby L at home together.

3. We will be having our own space. Two spaces actually. Well, three if you include the bathroom.  See my parents have a pretty awesome house (now that it's been renovated from the fire that happened a year ago) and they have more space than there are people who live there now (just for now though, wait until we get there, all that space will quickly be filled up).  We will be having a livingroom space (that is the size of two former bedrooms which have been combined into one super-room), a bedroom and our own bathroom. So really, we will basically have the same amount of space that we do now. Only it's plopped down in the center of my parents house which is fabulous!

4. I'm a hustle-and-bustle kind of person.
This might seem like a weird bonus but I was raised in a very active household. There were forever people coming and going, weird things occurring, interesting events taking place and honestly, living on my own with just my cat and husband is not quite the same as being in the center of a busy family universe. Don't get me wrong, me and Ryan have a great time together but at my parents' house there are people forever stopping by, random things always breaking and needing fixing, funny stories always just waiting to happen. They have dogs and grandkids and all of my siblings and it's just a good time. I guess it just feels like home to me (duh, because that's what it is) and i'm really looking forward to going back home, you know?

So there we have it. Our big news!  Within a year we shall be wealthy home owners and in the meantime we get to spend that year having family dinner and hanging out with my rad parents and swimming in the pool.  I'm pretty pumped about it to say the least :)

Wish us luck though because I have a feeling that once I get there it might be easier to remember all of those scenarios that sent me stomping up the stairs and slamming my door when I was a teenager.


Rhian said...

just an update that comments are working again! i fixed it :) thanks to those who noticed and let me know <3

Ott, A. said...

Thanks for stoppin' by for a Latte'. Happy to follow you back. Good luck with the move. I don't envy you as it takes a lot of organization to get that done. Happy Blogging!

Sam said...

Congrats on the baby! And I completely understand how you're happy to move back home with your parents. I just graduated college and blogged how I'm actually happy to be back with them now! It's home! :) Now that I'm here, I do love it, but I'm also thinking about all the perks living on my own will have so it's kinda motivating me to start looking for a job. Only kinda. Haha. Thanks for the sweet comment, I'm looking forward to getting to know you better too!

Melissa Noble said...

My parents live a half mile away and I love it! I never thought I would want to live so close to them....two kids later I realize how great it is. Love your blog, super cute!