Monday, May 24, 2010

Starting to Show

so i think it's officially official: I'm starting to show.

Yesterday was a big milestone for me, I wore a total maternity outfit!  And i think i definitely looked pregnant although i might be in that stage even still where strangers don't know whether i'm fat or not. That's not my favorite stage to be in but that's okay.

I snapped some photos of my "starting to show" belly so i'll share them with you guys here:

(please note, these were taken late last night with a webcam so the quality is not the best!) (PS i would like to also point out the stacks of boxes in the background! we have made much progress with our packing!! hooray!)

and then a close up just for kicks:

i think my husband is afraid to admit that i'm starting to show. Yesterday when i put this outfit on i said, "wow i really look pregnant don't i?" and he was like "i dunno, it still looks pretty hidden to me!"

i think he thinks this is the same as the "do i look fat in this?" trap but it's not! I WANT to look pregnant, I AM pregnant. I know i look different than i used to and if i finally look pregnant that would be GREAT to me because people would know i wasn't actually just letting myself get huge lol

oh men. maybe someday they'll learn.

maybe not, though.



Sam said...

oh men.. lol. That's so exciting!

Shauna said...

Doug is the SAME WAY. I said, "hey, I'm getting a rounder belly, hey?" And he said, "no, you look great!"

I have never done the "do I look fat in this?" thing, but I guess it's just something all men are afraid of. Haha.

Melissa said...

Hahaa, my hubby was like that too for the longest time!!! He finally stopped being in denial about me looking preggo when one day my mom and sis were over and I asked "do I look pregnant??!" my mom and sis said "YES!!" and Jason stayed quiet. I said "seeee? he doesn't wanna admit I look pregnant!" After that he changed his stance a little and started to say stuff like "well you look a little pregnant, but not as a big as some people!"

lol silly guys!