Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Today is Ryan's birthady!  It's his first birthday as a future daddy although I'm not really sure how much that changed things, really. He got up and dutifully went to work like usual although when i kept pressuring him to play hookey and take the day off he refused so he could save days for when the baby comes.


And as it turns out, once Ryan's boss found out it was his birthday, he let him go home early for the day so that was totally awesome too!

As for his actual celebration, it was a pretty good year even if his birthday DID fall on a weekday (which we all know, of course, universally sucks (fun fact: every year mine and Ryan's birthdays fall on the same therefore since his birthday is on a Wednesday this year, i know mine will be too (don't believe me? look it up! October 27th! and now that you know my birthday date i expect many gifts lol jay-kay))).

Anyway, back to Ryan and his bday: he was greeted fresh out of the shower with a breakfast bar illuminated by a single birthday candle (and my melodic voice at 6:45 AM singing "Happy Birthday"). He also was met with several little "Happy Birthday, Ryan!" signs scattered around the house in strategic locations (the bathroom mirror, his computer screen, his shoes, on the day-to-day calendar, on the front door, in his wallet (with directions telling him to make sure he gets something nice to eat for lunch!)). Zoey (our little cat) even left him a note in between her food and water bowls! She is thoughtful, that little furry monster.

When he got home, Ryan told me about a video game he had just heard about and because it sounded awesome I quickly convinced him that we should go get it for his birthday! It's called Red Dead Redemption and it reminds me a lot of the Grand Theft Auto games from days of yore. Although it's more like GTA in the Wild West in the early 1900s which is just as awesome. You just basically ride around and go on missions and stuff like that (well so far that's what it seems to be basically, though there IS a plot line of course but I'm a meanderer and like to deviate from those and go explore). Basically, it's super fun. It's filling up  our fix until Fable 3 comes out sometime hopefully soon (I hope it comes out before the baby gets here because lord knows I won't have time to really play it once there's a baby attached to me 24/7!) but it is one of those games that seems to be very time-consuming. Like Ry said, you can't really sit down with it for half an hour and expect to get much done. that's okay though, it's a "let's play video games all weekend!" kinda game which is always fun (and which, i have a feeling, will summarize our weekend together this weekend as well lol).

Video game geeking out aside I think that his birthday was a success! Ry opened his gifts, we went out for dinner, I sang to him (again the poor thing) over a peanutbutter-cup cupcake and now we've been spending the rest of the evening taking turns playing xbox and being on our computers! lol it might not sound fun to most but for us it's completely an awesome night.

Ry isn't too big on birthdays anyway...not like me. I'm the spoiled youngest child. I still get a gift from my parents for my HALF birthday every year so you can imagine my perspective here on birthdays. They're important and it's important to me that the people I love feel important on their birthday. Unless it might make them uncomfortable if i go all crazy over it so i do refrain in some situations but Ryan is not immune lol

Hell, I'm kinda already planning the baby's first birthday party. It's hard to do it too much because I don't know the baby's sex yet but there are definite ideas floating around in my head and there may or may not already be a potential list of photographers. I don't mess around, y'all! And let's not get started on my plans for the baby's real BIRTH. That's the first ever birth day and I have some cool ideas! (don't worry, I'll share them later)

Anyway, this is rambling enough, I just thought an update was in order because it's only once that you turn 29 (unless you're a woman and then you turn 29 about 40 times i believe). So Happy Birthday, Ryan! I love you and I am wishing you a wonderful day and a fantastic year! You are my everything <3

PS i promise i am done changing my layout for a while. A friend of mine on livejournal recommended this site to me and this layout is pretty much exactly what i've been looking for. I will do my best to abstain from changing it up on you all again! Sorry!

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