Sunday, May 16, 2010

green acres is the place to be

I decided a while ago that since i'm on this modified rest (due to my subchorionic hematoma) that I would, as I'm allowed to start doing things more and more, start taking myself on little dates throughout the week.

then a friend of mine (Shauna from the journey into parenthood) suggested that I look at it as taking me and the baby out on dates together! Of course this was even BETTER and it makes me more excited. Kinda like I'm out there showing the baby stuff and we're already having fun little bonding experiences, even though it's still in my tummy.

(I also learned that the baby can hear me now and it can hear Ryan if he talks to it through my belly. I am going to start making it a playlist and I am collecting books to read to it as well!).

But anyway, the whole point of THIS post was to show you all the photos from my first date on Thursday!

It wasn't a big deal and it really only lasted for like 20 minutes (I'm still supposed to be taking it easy and building up how much walking i do and stuff) but it was fun and i got some good pictures!

I went to a local farm/petting zoo!

I didn't do the petting zoo part but instead i basically just toured around and visited with the animals and took their portraits. It was a good first date and I think it went well. I will probably call myself and ask myself out again ;)

here we go, photos of the farm:

here's the turkey that i named Mr. Feathers

my friend Billie the goat (i'm so creative!)

i like his beard

pretty little sleeping pig and friend

they even had a reindeer! and it tried to kiss me! (okay or stick it's tongue out at me but i choose to believe this was an act of love)

glamor shot

this lovely little Llama did not want to be left out

isn't there just something elegant about her? i totally think so

on my way out, Mr. Feathers was looking particularly dramatic so i snapped one more shot of him. I think he was sad to see me go! lol

so yay, there we have it! photos from my first adventure :) more to come as i continue on this exciting journey!


Victoria said...

aww that is so cute, a mommy and me date :) There will be many more to come, each getting better and better!

Anonymous said...

You're so cute Rhian! I will probably call myself and ask myself out again ;) Haha!