Saturday, May 22, 2010

Packing Day (dun dun dunnnnn)

so yea, today is packing day. can you feel my excitement oozing through your screen?

Packing day. The day that everyone who ever plans to move again dreads.

Sometimes before I knew we were moving again, I would look around my apartment and laugh to myself thinking "ha-ha! we won't be dealing with all of this STUFF again for quite a while!" And somehow that would bring me some kind of temporary high or weird feeling of elation. Crazy, I know but the thing here is that Ryan and I have moved....3 times in three years and this will be our FOURTH time in three and a half years. That officially sucks.

So it's no wonder that today I kept the covers pulled up to my chin for as long as possible once I realized that it was, indeed a new day and that unfortunately Saturday this week didn't mean "yay! what do we want to do today??" but instead had a much more ominous outlook: Packing.

Ryan's mom is coming over to help which is really nice of her. She whipped us into shape when we first got here and were unpacking so it just seems pretty fitting to have her here on this end of it. The Departure end.  The Packing End. The annoying, stupid, boring, tedious, takes-forever-i-just-want-it-to-be-over end.

So okay, as much as I would like to prolong this experience even more (okay and really I want to sneak away with the xbox and continue kicking cowboy ass in red dead redemption) i have to go and help my husband who has diligently begun the packing process already (he's so great).

At least he's fun to pack with. He just discovered a large drawing i had done that was being *stored* in our closet:

"look! you're outside!!!" hehehe he's so cute

okay, UGH, wish us luck. And please, if you're the praying kind, offer up a prayer to the Packing Gods on our behalf. We could seriously use it.


Faith Bowyer said...

Aww I'm sorry you have to spend the day packing. I actually don't mind packing - if I lived closed I would totally spend the day helping you pack haha.
Goodluck tackling it all today! ♥

Rhian said...

oh man, Faith i totally wish you lived closer! not just for the packing help but in general lol but thank you! i definitely need the luck! i'm on a break because i'm in a whiney phase right now: "it's never going to be overrrrrr!" and "this is taking sooooo long oh my god look how much is left" hahaha i am not fun to pack with

Sam said...

Aw, good luck with all the packing! I lived 7 places in the past 4 years ranging from parents home to apartment to townhouse to Australia! So I know that packing can be rough. It sucks! Hopefully by the time you read this it will all be finished!

Rhian said...

oh my gosh, 7 paces in 4 years! that's exhausting (and it sounds pretty awesome as well, especially Australia!) thanks for the well wishes, I am definitely way closer to being finished now than i was earlier (though not completely done unfortunately!)