Sunday, May 16, 2010

Garage Sales are Love

I've gotta get Ryan on board with going Garage Saling with me. I've been told enough times now (and have witnessed first hand!) just how great it is to get "Baby Stuff" at garage sales and now I'm sold and want to go scour the neighborhood for good deals.

Specifically on my list: a glider.

Don't know what a glider is? That's okay, I didn't either until recently when I was at Babies R Us and was exhausted because my purse is so heavy and my back hurts because I haven't been able to get my lower back adjusted since getting pregnant.  Tangent aside, i discovered a glider in these circumstances while looking frantically around the store for somewhere to sit. And not to be dramatic or anything but seriously, my life has never been the same since sitting in that glider.  It was THAT comfortable.

This is a glider:

it's a regular-enough looking chair with a footstool, right? Wrong! That's where the magic fools you! The best part of a glider is that it does what it's name suggests: it glides. and get this part: THE FOOTSTOOL GLIDES TOO! 

If you haven't had the amazingly amazing experience of sitting in a glidey glider than i totally pity you and I assign you the task of heading out to a baby furniture store right now and climbing into one of these chairs. And I suggest you bring some coffee and a snack because you won't want to leave for quite a while. 

here i am at 11 and a half weeks pregnant hanging out in a glider and yes, me and my friend found this noteworthy and photo-worthy enough to document because gliders are awesome

It is soooo relaxing. And I must have one. 

And therein lies the problem. 

See, not surprisingly because this is the culture that we live in, these chairs are priced ridiculously high even though their amazingness IS amazing. As you can see, the one I posted above is $199. That's insane (especially when you take into consideration that for a first baby you have to buy/acquire everything that a baby needs. This list includes but is not at all limited to: a crib, a carseat, a stroller, a swing, a changing table, a dresser, toys, diapers, creams, diaper bags, all kinds of things! Adding another $200 to that bill (even if it is in the form of a glider) is not something to scoff at and it's not something to do without really thinking about it! Most of those big ticket items are over $200 themselves! So given all of that and despite their wonderfulness, these gliders seem just out-of-their-minds expensive to me). And even worse is that when i saw the price for the one i linked you just now and i actually thought to myself, "hmm $199...that's not so bad!" because I've seen worse! Way worse! 

When I was sitting in the gliders the last time I went (this is now a ritual for me and i've done this several times), I tried them all out and discovered that my favorite one (aka the most comfortable one in the store) was priced at $349. 

$349 for a chair and a footstool. Now that really IS bad.

and yet, there is a large part of me that's like "oh but it's sooooo worth it." because I am conned by the comfort and the way my feet glide at the same time as my butt. (but don't worry, i tell that part to STFU when it starts trying to convince me that absurdly expensive things aren't absurd. (I will let it get away with talking me into a Coach diaper bag but i put the breaks on when it's going all pro-$350 glider. (i know, the logic there might seem a little wonky but what can you do? I'm a sucker for stylish bags, I'm powerless.)). 

So ANYWAY back on track, this is where garage sales come in!

Last night we were hanging out with Ryan's brother and his wife and they were showing us the awesome things they had scored for their son that day at a garage sale.  And they mentioned seeing a glider as well!

For $35!!!  INCLUDING the footstool!

Obviously I had a minor conniption in my head. I was like SO EXCITED about this! Is it possible to get a glider for such a good price? Could I ever be so lucky?

And so I've made it my mission to do so.  I am going to find an awesome and comfortable glider and footstool and I am going to pay $50 or less for it. And I am going to do it soon! I just have to wait until after Ryan and I move at the end of the month and we finally have somewhere to PUT the darn thing!

I encourage you all to join me on my quest. It will be a long, perilous and dangerous road ahead but we shall reap rewards aplenty and will henceforth be known as Those Who Bought a Glider at a Bargain Price! And the world shall never be the same again.


Merideth said...

I absolutely love my glider so I totally think it is worth getting one. There are some things that I thought I would need but learned that I could have lived without, but the glider is definitely NOT one of them! I rock Cameron to sleep in it every night after his bath and when I'm doing the last feeding before bed time. I put mine up on my Target registry, and someone bought it for me, so I was lucky. So definitely think about doing that when you do your registry (Which I hopee soon cause I'd love to see yours!!!!!).

Emma said...

Too bad we had to go to the airport, I could've sat there forever!! (although we kinda did sit there forever lol).

Don't forget about craigslist for a lot of that big stuff - we got Sam's exersaucer that sells for $65 for $10 on craigslist and it was in perfect condition!

Victoria said...

I love my glider so much! Have you scoured craigslist too? I still to this day love relaxingnin mine. Good luck on your search!