Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Get Excited!

I am getting excited because tonight is the season finale of Biggest Loser and, well, i am addicted to this season.

For a moment i just want to ramble and say how much I hope Koli got ~*America's Vote*~ and will be moving on and able to compete in the final three. I reallllllly want him to get a chance to have that confetti rain down on him.

And then i hope Sam wins the at home challenge. Because I love Sam. A lot.

Does anyone else hate that he's with Stephanie? I just don't get the combination. She's so reserved and quiet and doesn't seem to have much drive and he is...well, the opposite of all of those things.

Anyway, sorry to write a whole post about BL, i couldn't help myself. I'm a junkie for that show.

Go Grey Team!

and while I'm gushing over TV and making a completely mindless post, I just want to also mention how EXCITED I am for tonight's Glee!


 cannot wait!

i have a real update to write later but I just wanted to stop by and gush about television lol 

be back later!


Jennifer said...

I was happy with both shows!! I liked Michael from the beginning & was glad he won!

Glee was so great, as always! The pink costume Dianna wore was my fave...leave it to her to still look gorgeous in such a crazy costume! LOL!

Rhian said...

i agree with you, I am really happy he won too. I was sad for Koli for most of the show because he seemed so sad that he didn't make it and i just felt awful he was heartbroken but i am happy that Michael won. he deserved it with all that weight he lost!

and yes! i loved that pink costume too! that was totally my favorite as well! Brittany's glasses were hilarious too hahaha

Jennifer said...

I cracked up as soon as I saw those glasses on Brittany LOL! She's nuts!